Data Center Services

Outpace Your Competition with Rapid Data Actualization and Scalable Storage

Comprehensive Data Center Services

Comprehensive Data Center Services

From asset management, capacity planning, and change management to security and analytics, VectorUSA’s experience in data center services means your business quickly realizes significant operational and cost-savings benefits.

We reduce the complexity of our clients’ enterprise technology by designing, implementing, supporting, and managing industry-leading data center technologies.

Increase throughput, not complexity

Increase Throughput, Not Complexity

VectorUSA gets to know your organization, your business, and your goals to better understand which data center solutions and services best support your needs. 


Enterprise Device Management

Identify, locate, visualize, and manage all physical data center assets; quickly provision new equipment; and confidently plan capacity for future growth with data center management software. Our management tools reduce energy costs, improve data center design, and increase operational efficiency.


Continuous Equipment Performance Management

Improve your system uptime with critical monitoring, advanced notifications, and comprehensive data center services. These tools proactively mitigate failures before they impact users and services.


Experience Integrated and Automated Workflows

Improve operational productivity with fully integrated and automated workflows. We also deliver enhanced process assurance, device and data tracking, and audit trails, which can dramatically increase employee productivity and system responsiveness.


End-to-End Security Management

Manage access to different areas of your data center and keep information in the right hands with real-time reporting, surveillance feeds, and granular role-based permissions to support tenant models. Lock down individual areas in your data center with RFID electronic door access control, or utilize audit logs and reports to ensure compliance with SSAE-16, HIPAA, and other industry-standard regulations.


Advanced Business Intelligence and Analytics

Engage with your data with interactive dashboards and reports to quickly uncover insights and make better data center management decisions. From viewing summary panels for an overview of your information to drilling down into the raw data behind your dashboards, VectorUSA delivers for every data center scenario.

Our data center services include everything your business needs for efficient, secure, and reliable cloud storage, management, and dissemination.

Enterprise Storage Design with SANs

Enterprise Storage Design with SANs


Virtualization Design

Container and Traditional Server Architecture

Container and Traditional Server Architecture

Comprehensive Data Center Design

Comprehensive Data Center Design

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Comprehensive Data Center Design

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Partnering with VectorUSA to implement your data center solutions means your staff can focus on more strategic initiatives while we handle the ins-and-outs of technical design, implementation, and management. With proven processes, decades of experience, and trusted partnerships, we work with you to advance your infrastructure to fit your needs.

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