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Make Smart Technology Investments with Your E-Rate Dollars

We help superintendents, chief technology officers, and other K-12 decision makers overcome technology obstacles, implement innovative IT solutions, provide IT support, and transform their school districts into digital learning spaces

E-Rate Empowering education one school at a time

E-Rate: Empowering Education One School at a Time

VectorUSA has over 30 years of experience implementing technology, network solutions, providing IT support, including 22 years of E-Rate experience within the K-12 environment. We put our customers’ needs first, working with over 45 technology and integration partners to find the best solution for you.

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Education Is Transforming. Are You Ready?

Schools have always been at the forefront of delivering reliable, accessible, and innovative learning solutions to students.

Now is the time to make the most of your technology investments with IT for schools and keep up with the needs of your students, educators, and communities—especially with new demands for mobility and access. VectorUSA has the services and the solutions to create the connected and collaborative educational environment your schools need.


VectorUSA can transform your education technology at an enterprise scale.

E-Rate Funding Planning and Implementation

The convergence of IT services for education is constantly changing the way students learn and how educators can interact with them. Schools need to leverage available federal E-Rate funding to respond quickly to these increasing demands from students and faculty, while off-setting their fixed or declining budgets. From maintaining safe buildings and grounds to keeping networks secure and providing IT support, VectorUSA has over 20 years of experience with E-Rate project planning and delivery to make your technology vision a reality.

Implementing and Strengthening Network Infrastructure and Security

With the rapid proliferation of devices, cloud-based applications, and distributed systems, schools feel the pressure to enhance their reach and cybersecurity, even in the face of stagnant budgets. VectorUSA has the cybersecurity expertise in the K-12 market to improve your security posture from end to end.

Improving Physical Security

Physical security is a vital part of keeping locations and your networks secure. From intelligent surveillance and access control solutions to emergency call systems and command and control spaces, VectorUSA has the experience in engineering and deploying systems that keep your people, places, and data safe.


We Understand the K-12 Environment

We have a long history of meeting the challenges and unique requirements of technology implementation and IT support in the K-12 environment. Our team is not only flexible with alternate hours, required safety checks, and E-Rate rules and regulations, but we even have our very own in-house Director of Education Compliance.

We Are Vendor Neutral

We encourage clients to choose the best-fit solutions and then utilize our existing partnerships with dozens of best-of-breed providers to implement them, based on your unique needs.

We are vendor neutral

We Have the Resources

As one of the premier technology solution providers in Southern California, we know how to design, build, and maintain cybersecurity, data center, wireless, and managed solutions.

We have the resources

We Have the Expertise

We have the technical staff ready to work with you. 

With over 300 employees including skilled Communications Technicians, Wireless Engineers, Network Engineers, Electricians, NOC Analysts, and Solutions Architects, we have the expertise and credentials to deliver, no matter the scope or scale of your infrastructure.

We have the expertise
  • We Are Vendor Neutral
  • We Have the Resources
  • We Have the Expertise

What Sets VectorUSA Apart

We empower schools by giving educators the support, tools, and information they need to secure and protect federal funding, remain in compliance with state and federal regulations, and deliver the best possible experience to their students.

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Our Education Team

This team of experts has been helping schools and libraries improve their technology to meet state standards and offer higher quality education to their students for over 30 years. Whether it's improving wireless connectivity, network speeds, or security they can help you find a solution to your problems that fits your budget. With government funding available thru E-Rate your budget may not have to be as big as you think. Give us a call, we can help. 


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No other technology company can perform for education clients with the speed, agility, and responsiveness of VectorUSA. Let us solve your technology challenges today and prepare you for what lies ahead.

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