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Data Center Services for a Southern California School District

This School District was formed in 1888. Today, the District serves more than 28,000 K-8 students in 29 facilities.


This School District was very concerned with having access to their IT resources in the case of a power outage or natural disaster.

The District recognized they needed procedures and processes for quickly reestablishing access to their applications, data, and IT resources if they went off-line.

The District also needed this IT solution to be cost effective - not paying for something they didn’t need, and instead getting the best solution for their budget.


VectorUSA worked with the School District to design a redundant set of server and storage solutions.

This redundancy ensured that in case of an outage, the District’s applications, data and IT resources could be switched over to the secondary system until their primary data center was functioning again.

In the end, the best answer was an HPE Hybrid Nimble Storage solution, providing simplified data protection management as well as superior efficiency and performance.


The School District now has a robust Disaster Recovery Storage Solution that is ready to handle, maintain or quickly resume mission-critical functions following a disruption.

This solution provides our Client with the contingency plans they need to deliver a safe and effective learning environment for their students, no matter what the challenge.

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