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Cybersecurity Services for a Southern California School District

This School District serves 78,000 students across three campus locations, fed by 15 different school districts across North Orange County, employing more than 2,000 faculty and 111 managers and administrators.


This District needed a complete upgrade of their entire cybersecurity platform, the campus-wide Wi-Fi, the core and edge switching upgrade, and a new VoIP system.

The District had no true network standard across the three campuses.

The end-user experience at each campus was different. Wi-Fi and network log-ins were unique to each campus.

The District office had no central management system and the IT staff was forced to manage different technology platforms depending on the campus they were working on that day.


The VectorUSA team worked closely with District leadership to review district standards, current and desired operating practices for the future.

Our design team created a best-in-class, multi-manufacturer solution using Fortinet
for the cybersecurity, Cisco for the VoIP and Aruba Networking for the wireless and switching.

We also upgraded the fiber and copper for all three campus locations to provide the District with a complete turnkey network refresh.


We provided cutting-edge, fault-tolerant and secure IT solutions, delivering a best-in-class network experience for its end-users.

With a single solution for all campuses, a considerable amount of time and expense was saved on training faculty, staff and students.

The District also deployed software tools like Aruba ClearPass to better manage Network Access Control and other security concerns.

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