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AV Services

Enhancing Collaboration with High-Definition Solutions

VectorUSA delivers high-definition video communication and audiovisual solutions to enhance collaboration in organizations of all sizes.

We work with technology partners such as Crestron Electronics, Extron Electronics, Biamp Systems, Legrand, Samsung-Harman, DWI Enterprises, Cisco, Polycom, Logitech, Newline Interactive, NEC, Shure, Clockaudio, Atlona, Christie Digital, Optoma, Premier Mounts, RGB Spectrum, rp Visual Solutions, QSC, SpinetiX, and many more. We design and implement a variety of audiovisual solutions for clients looking to enhance collaboration and facilitate clear communications.


VectorUSA delivers high-definition video communication and audiovisual solutions to enhance collaboration in organizations of all sizes. The flexible, full-service business model allows us to configure and deliver turnkey audiovisual services for virtually any environment. In addition to multiple deployment options, our services include installation and integration of audio/video equipment, IT networking, system control panels and technical support. 

Browse our most common breakdowns of audiovisual conference room layouts to get a better understanding of what specific room types and technology focus suit your budget. Take your presentation, collaboration, and educational space to the next level with VectorUSA. 







Huddle Room

The Huddle Room accommodates space for 2 to 7 people. Huddle rooms are small conference areas equipped with audio, video, and display system technology. These rooms are often used by groups who want to get together for impromptu, or formally scheduled meetings to collaborate on projects. Having numerous huddle rooms or huddle spaces allows people to have easier accessibility to collaborate in a private and quiet environment.

Additional options to our Huddle Rooms include: Blu-Ray, Wireless Video, Credenza, Video and Audio Conferencing

Group 7 people

Ranges from $25k to $40k

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Standard Conference Room

The Standard Conference Room accommodates space for 6 to 12 people. Enhance your standard conference room with high-performing solutions and deliver stellar boardroom presentations, create dynamic and seamless interactions whether presenting to your colleagues or video conferencing from anywhere. These rooms often have displays, video and audio conferencing, laptop and PC connectivity.

Additional options to our Standard Conference Rooms include: Additional Displays, Custom Wall Mounts, Blu-Ray, Wireless Audio and Video, Credenzas, and any other sources desired.

Group 10 people  

Ranges from $40k to $75k

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Executive Conference Room

The Executive Conference Room accommodates space for 12 or more people. These rooms often include: displays, Blue-Ray, wireless audio and video, laptops and PCs, streaming devices, 4K cameras, video and audio conferencing, table and/or ceiling microphones, speakers, control systems, touch panels, equipment racks/credenzas.

Additional options to our Executive Conference Room include: Additional Displays, Additional Video Conferencing capabilities, Lighting and Shade Control, HVAC Control and much more. 

Group 14 people

Ranges from $75k to $150k

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Audiovisual Tailored to You

Audiovisual technology options have increased dramatically in recent years, allowing organizations of all sizes to meet the demand for flexible, reliable, and affordable services. With VectorUSA’s experts and proven methodologies, implementation is more achievable than ever.

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Mobile Audiovisual Cart Solution

VectorUSA is proud to offer our clients an efficient, cost-effective mobile AV cart solution for maximizing training time and training facilities. Our portable solution contains everything you need to present all types of training programs, in all types of training spaces, for up to 3-4 trainees at a time. The cart provides trainees with resources to maximize the training experience, enhance interaction and improve collaboration.

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Empower Seamless Connectivity and Collaboration

With integrated and customized audiovisual solutions, local and remote team members can meet with ease via video and audio conferencing, while simultaneously using collaboration tools and software to share ideas and content.


Inform, Educate, and Communicate with Your Customers

Video Walls, Direct View LED Walls, and Signage Displays create a focal point in nearly any environment. Combined with the right mix of audio these display beautiful, informative, and customized content for all to see.


Service and Maintenance Plan

VectorUSA has a complete AV service solution that includes maintenance to augment its robust service offerings. We provide a one-stop shop for unified communications, well-positioned to support enterprise and commercial clients that require more complex systems.

Our certified project management and systems design team provides and manages the design and installation of completely integrated audiovisual services and solutions, tailored to fit your business communication needs.

Audio _ Visual Conferencing and Routing

Audiovisual Conferencing and Routing

Audio Distribution and Paging

Control Systems and Audiovisual Automation

Interactive Products

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Digital Signage

Environmental Controls

Environmental Controls

V Automation

Audio Distribution and Paging

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Help Desk and E-911 Solutions



Project Planning


Site Surveys

Automation _ Orchestration

Project Management

Software Defined Networking

Network Documentation

V Automation

Support and Maintenance Services

Comprehensive Data Center Design

Network Assessment

Full scale Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

Extended Maintenance Agreements

A Holistic Approach to Audiovisual

With a diverse, vendor-neutral portfolio of technology partners, our audiovisual services provide efficient, effective, and reliable collaboration and communications solutions. We offer a holistic approach developed through decades of experience, many industry certifications, thousands of successful projects, and hundreds of long-term client relationships

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