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Video Surveillance and Access Control for a Multinational Healthcare Manufacturer

This multinational pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturer has enhanced the health and well-being of people around the world.


This Healthcare manufacturer processes blood and plasma in a 24x7 operation governed by FDA rules and regulations.

The harsh environment can only shut down for maintenance and projects twice annually.

The Company needed to improve its compliance posture while enhancing process quality control, security through access controls, physical monitoring and alerting.

However, the building requiring these upgrades did not have the necessary infrastructure to enable these critical business goals.


VectorUSA installed new cable and pathways to support the access control, cameras and paging system.

The team installed new Samsung 8080R 5mp cameras to provide a high resolution overview of a specific door along with a support

VectorUSA also deployed Keyscan access control to allow only authorized personnel access to the door and capture them on video.

Paging was also upgraded, allowing the Company security and staff to better communicate throughout the building.


By providing access control to their entry door and restricting personnel, our Client has increased security to ensure personnel only have access to the areas required for their business function.

Restricting unauthorized staff helps immensely with quality control of product and process.

These improvements have also improved our Client’s security posture for audit and compliance.

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