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Network Infrastructure 

Structured Cabling for a United States Navy Hospital Ship

This Navy hospital ship was built as an oil tanker in 1976. In 1984, she was converted to a hospital ship with 11 general-purpose operating suites, one intervention radiology suite, 15 patient wards, and 80 intensive-care beds.


To accomplish the Navy’s mission, this Ship requires the very best in information technology because sub-par equipment costs lives.

The Navy determined the Ship required an upgrade in high-speed, reliable data transfer to provide exceptional medical services using
IP-based medical devices.


VectorUSA designed and implemented a new system of shipboard LSZH fiber-optic cable infrastructure for the upgrade. This new system was implemented in both classified and unclassified areas.

The project involved the removal of outdated fiber, new penetrations/MCTs, welding, cable installs, terminations, and testing within 25
network areas.

Additionally, VectorUSA installed Cat 6 network cabling for more than 10 wireless access points and workstations throughout the Ship.


The Ship not only has more bandwidth and faster data transfer, but the fiber-optic infrastructure is also future-proof.

It will be able to handle all new IP-based medical devices and other technologies aboard the Ship for years to come.

The crew of the Ship can do their job, knowing they have the best technology so they can focus on saving lives.

The project was completed just before the Ship was called into action against the greatest medical disaster the world has seen in over a century - the COVID-19 pandemic.

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