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Data Networking for a Southern California Healthcare Benefits Administrator

This healthcare benefits administrator represents 160,000 actors, announcers, broadcast journalists, dancers, DJs, news writers, news editors, program hosts, and other media professionals.


Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, this healthcare benefits administrator had no work-from-home policy or uniform remote access policy for their employees.

They needed to convert 100% of their workforce, including call center agents, to a work-from-home model in four business days.

While doing all this, the administrator could not shut down. They could not risk cutting off their members from health and benefits information.


VectorUSA was able to leverage the existing Fortinet active/active firewall deployment to secure VPN connection for all Administrator employees.

We provided soft tokens for each user to ensure the right level of dual-authentication security for network access.

We deployed Cisco soft phones for each employee, including the call center agents. We also installed a VPN client on each end-user device.

VectorUSA leveraged our technical resources to design, test and deploy this solution to over 110 users in four days. On day five, our client was working completely remote without a single minute of down time.


Our Client was able to provide a safe, work from-home environment for their employees without sacrificing membership services.

They are doing this without any degradation in services, management tools or information security. The outside world has no idea they are working from home.

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