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Cloud Services for a Southern California Nonprofit Organization

This Southern California nonprofit Organization serves 35,000 people a year with disabilities or vocational challenges, offering education, training and 5,000 jobs.


This nonprofit Organization was in need of a hardware refresh, feeling it was cost-effective to move to the cloud rather than maintain on-premise infrastructure for their e-commerce site.

An existing cloud migration project to provide a scalable, highly-available environment had stalled with a third-party vendor.

The Organization was looking for a partner to complete their vision and goals. They were at risk due to potential hardware failures, lack of scalability and resources to manage the infrastructure.


VectorUSA provided the Organization with a project schedule and plan to assume ownership of the data center migration within the timeline established by the Organization.

The scope of the migration was limited to their e-commerce website, databases and associated infrastructure to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

The project included different systems and security solutions for UAT, DEV and production environments.

Upon completion of migration and associated security services, we also provided a managed services solution to support their E-commerce website, and Azure cloud resources for a complete turnkey solution.


Once we assumed ownership of the project, we were able to fast-track the cloud migration, ultimately providing a more robust, stable system and support structure, on time and on budget.

Our Client was able to focus on compliance requirements that needed to be met for their E-commerce site.

VectorUSA enabled our Client to meet their compliance requirements for cloud-based infrastructure, implementing best-of-breed security solutions in their new Azure cloud infrastructure.

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