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Cloud Services for a Southern California Manufacturing Facility

As one of the largest, fully automated manufacturing facilities in the country, this Company specializes in the fabrication of rectangular, round, and oval commercial HVAC duct.


Due to a lack of resources and legacy hardware, this Company had difficulty managing and supporting their current on-premise infrastructure.

Before VectorUSA came into the fold, the Company worked on their cloud migration projects with another MSP that was going nowhere fast.

The Company contracted VectorUSA for assistance in completing the Azure migration of their infrastructure with the goal of keeping the existing infrastructure in place.


VectorUSA stepped in, replacing the previous MSP that was working on the Company’s Azure migration project.

A comprehensive project plan and schedule was presented to take over their existing IaaS and move their infrastructure over to Microsoft Azure with an aggressive timeline.

The on-premise IT infrastructure and the  RP system were successfully migrated to the Azure cloud, on time and on budget.

VectorUSA was able to continue supporting the new Azure solution with a complete turnkey Managed Services contract.


The on-premise IT infrastructure and the ERP system were successfully migrated to the Azure cloud, on time and on budget.

By leveraging our resources for support, maintenance and other day-to-day tasks, our Client has more time to focus more on their compliance requirements and developing new business processes.

With their new cloud solution and Managed Services provided by VectorUSA, our Client is enjoying a more agile, scalable and available infrastructure solution with a single point of contact.

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