Implement the Right Technology to Save Time and Grow Your Business


Accelerate innovation. Foster collaboration and engagement. Connect with customers in new ways. Secure your infrastructure.

When it comes to an IT leader’s to-do list, it’s about how you make it all possible, even though there’s more scrutiny on your budget than ever before. Fortunately, with the right partner, your enterprise IT can be future-ready without all of the complexities and stress.

Managing your IT infrastructure and solutions can be time-intensive, costly, and complex. Want to simplify and streamline the management and delivery of your business services, and at the same time free up resources to focus on more strategic initiatives? 

Keep scrolling to learn more about how:

  • The right mix of experience, tools, and skills can help you identify new ways to save time and money 

  • Using your existing tools and resources more effectively is often better than hopping onboard with the newest trend

  • The right service provider will find the right solution for your business, not their sales goals

  • VectorUSA seeks to be a trusted partner for the long-term

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Chapter 1

Cybersecurity Services

Don’t stress over your security.

In a time when every part of your business impacted by technology is stretched thin—especially talent or resources (or both!)—your cybersecurity is the domain where stakes couldn’t be higher.

This is especially true in our ever-expanding digital world, flush with new devices, new ways to stay connected, and new services flowing between on-premises and your cloud computing services. Although every part of your organization is under constant pressure to save time and money without sacrificing impact, your cybersecurity team likely has the hardest time finding that balance.

That’s where partnering with a team like VectorUSA can be a real differentiator. Here’s how.


Knowledge truly is power when it comes to cybersecurity. Tap into the industry knowledge of VectorUSA’s cybersecurity professionals to transform from a “reactive” to “proactive” security mindset. We’ll help your team:

  • Evaluate vulnerabilities
  • Identify mitigation strategies
  • Provide penetration testing and event management services


Shift your internal IT focus toward enabling your business and thinking strategically while our partners at Arctic Wolf assist in the Security Operations Center (SOC) to constantly monitor and protect your network assets. No matter the issue, VectorUSA has experts available to troubleshoot, triage, and investigate, which means we save you precious time when every second counts.


Cybersecurity is known for in-depth defense, but only if those cybersecurity tools are working to their full potential—individually and in harmony together. In other words, less can sometimes be more when it comes to identifying vulnerabilities, monitoring network activity, and securing your business without slowing down the pace of innovation. Lean on the experts at VectorUSA to optimize what you already have before looking to add more tools to your security toolbox.


We’re standing by 24x7x365 with our incident response and recovery services, powered by our NOC and refined through decades of experience. Our professionals will begin to investigate, isolate, and remediate threats on your network within hours, not days or weeks. This saves your business from costly downtime and helps to contain any potential risk.


Find peace of mind knowing that VectorUSA’s threat monitoring and proactive threat identification services are constantly guarding your network against a rapidly growing number of cyberthreats.

Chapter 2

Audiovisual and Collaboration Tools

Increase productivity and connectivity.

Even before the recent pandemic-driven disruptions to our usual way of doing business, audiovisual technology and collaboration tools have been evolving by leaps and bounds. In addition to increasing connectivity, new features and fully integrated collaboration tools have encouraged new ways to connect with our customers and colleagues, no matter where they are.

In addition to allowing clear, secure, and interactive communication, the right audiovisual and collaboration tools save your workforce time and your business money. Simultaneously, keeping the right partner in your corner can also:

  • Streamline your organization’s implementation timelines
  • Simplify maintenance and software/firm updates
  • Ensure your staff has the right tools to meet their needs.
  • Facilitate communications with remote access and video streaming.
  • Save time and money on travel.
  • Leverage digital signage and touchscreens to improve communication and engagement.
  • Unify experiences with integrated, IP-based communications and collaboration tools.
  • Streamline help desk and E-911 services with managed services.
  • Reduce your physical footprint and save on facilities costs.
  • Simplify the management and maintenance of audiovisual systems.

Chapter 3

Data Center Services

Experience secure, scalable, and sophisticated computing.

With the ever-changing demands of operations, big data, and business applications, having the right data center platform in place can be the difference between gaining a competitive advantage and feeling held back.

For example, if your organization wanted to implement new services or enable a new site via traditional data center models, the lead time for procurement, installation, testing, and deployment could span months and bust your budget.

Fortunately, partners like VectorUSA offer comprehensive data center services. We take the management of everything—from assets and capacity to security and analytics—off of your hands and put them into a more scalable, nimble, and efficient cloud computing and storage models. We deploy new services in a fraction of the time and cost, helping your enterprise technology keep pace with the speed of business.

  • Comprehensive Data Center Design
  • Enterprise Data Center Services
  • Virtualization Design
  • Managed Security
  • Automation & Integration
  • Continuous Performance Management
  • Change Management Support
  • Rapid and Scalable Storage & Compute

Chapter 4

Managed Services

Reinvent the foundation of your operations.

In today’s interconnected digital world, your business only performs as well as the IT services and infrastructure that enable it. That’s why VectorUSA wants you to imagine a future where your IT services are monitored, patched, maintained, and enhanced without burdening your internal staff.

Whether you are planning a move to the cloud, taking a hybrid approach, or just looking to efficiently and effectively service your existing infrastructure, VectorUSA can provide the right blend of managed services to fit your needs.

What can having VectorUSA’s managed services mean for your business’s productivity and bottom line?


From starting support at Tier 1 (Basic) to complete management at Tier 3 (Enterprise), VectorUSA can handle all of the facets of keeping your technology compliant, responsive, secure, and performing at its peak—guaranteed.


Free your internal staff from the burden of day-to-day ticket troubleshooting and help desk services with VectorUSA’s 24x7x365 IT service desk. Housed within our Network Operation Center, our IT service desk gives each issue the attention it deserves to prevent downtime and keep your staff productive.


With constant scrutiny on your budget and continuous sensitivity to schedules, your IT leaders are under plenty of pressure, and VectorUSA understands their position. Our experienced professionals have the training and perspective to evaluate your current infrastructure, recommend the best technology for your needs, and determine the optimal solutions for your environment.


Gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing that VectorUSA is standing behind your team when disaster strikes—you’ll still have access to your applications, data, and core services during an emergency. And with scheduled back-ups and redundant services handled for you, you can focus more of your time on strategic business efforts.

Chapter 5

Physical Security

Leverage technology to keep your assets secure.

When it comes to protecting your people, property, and equipment, the right security technology can offer more than just safety. End-to-end solutions allow your organization to facilitate the smooth, secure, and efficient flow of people and equipment through and between your work spaces, saving time and maximizing productivity.


In addition to deterring crime and preventing unauthorized access, end-to-end surveillance means protecting more physical space faster and with fewer resources. Training your cameras and sensors on the areas that matter, you can maximize the reach of your security without the extra expense of hiring more personnel.


Leverage VectorUSA’s Intelligent Surveillance technology to analyze and process hours of video faster or assist with decision-making during times when precision is paramount.


Create the right combination of digital technology with physical security—including credential readers, control panels, and integrated logging systems—to protect your spaces with less manpower, without sacrificing security. Program access windows on a temporary basis or remove access remotely, saving time and extending your security resources.

Chapter 6

Data Network & Wireless Infrastructure

Stay on top of the digital transformation revolution with the right infrastructure.

The pace of business, the scale of network traffic, and the demands on your network infrastructure are only going to increase. Add in your employees’ and clients’ expectations for secure, reliable, and fast connectivity anywhere and at any time, and IT leaders have their work cut out for them.

Are you confident that your existing data networking and wireless infrastructure can keep up?

Fortunately, you don’t have to face these technical challenges alone. VectorUSA delivers the comprehensive data networking and wireless infrastructure services you need to enable your business with the necessary precision, support, and performance. 

In other words, let our data networking and wireless infrastructure services team take on the complex and difficult work that goes into providing next-generation network connectivity. This frees up your team to focus on other initiatives, and you can trust that your data network and wireless infrastructure will be done right.

  • Improve Application Performance
  • Network Assessment
  • Support & Maintenance
  • Site Survey
  • Automation & Orchestration
  • Virtualization
  • Patch Management

Chapter 7

What Makes VectorUSA Different

We can help you realize your technology vision.

At the core of VectorUSA’s culture is a desire to be our customers’ most trusted long-term technology partner. We lead with honesty, focus on getting to know your business and your operations, and connect you with the right solutions—even if they aren’t our own.

In other words, we take our partnership with you seriously.


Our IT professionals have a passion for delivering business impact through technology. This means we’re always growing, learning, and refining our services to harness the power of new technology and pairing it with our decades of experience. We focus on delivering your technology efficiently and effectively so you have more time, money, and staff to focus on your business.


Whether it is our first or fortieth meeting, we prioritize listening to your challenges, your needs, your opportunities, and your goals. This allows our team to identify the right solution for your business—not ours. We work every day to deliver uncompromising best-in-class services at all times.


As one of the best IT services companies in the country, we have access to some of the industry’s top technology solution providers and best-of-breed vendors across the technology domain.

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