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By their nature, IT leaders are known for their ability to solve challenging problems with innovative solutions. But one of the biggest hurdles many have to overcome is figuring out how to do more with less.

And that is where taking the time to learn more about how a managed IT services provider helps monitor, deliver, and protect your IT investments and operations can be the first step toward unlocking new levels of operational efficiency. 

In fact, when a managed IT services provider helps with the management, monitoring, and maintenance of your hardware, your business can benefit from:

Decreased downtime
Increased staff productivity
Improved customer experience 
Increased profitability

However, with a wide range of providers of IT managed services in the marketplace, it can be difficult to find the right provider capable of meeting your operational requirements while aligning with your organizational values.

Fortunately, there are some providers, such as VectorUSA, that are able to bring together the broad industry expertise, deep bench of skilled professionals, and access to new technologies needed to effectively partner with your organization and take the stress and complexity out of operating your enterprise IT.


So, how does the VectorUSA managed IT services team do it, and what can VectorUSA bring to your business? 

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Chapter 1

What is a managed IT services provider?

Traditionally, IT departments are tasked with handling every aspect of their IT services—from networking, data centers, and applications to managing the infrastructure, hardware, and software—that makes it all deliver for their customers and employees.

However, with the rise of high-speed connectivity, organizations now have the ability to partner with a managed IT service provider to take over the management and delivery of some or a major portion of IT services on their behalf. These providers are staffed with experts in their respective fields, have access to leading technologies, and are able to deliver economies of scale to their customers to help save them time and money.

In return, businesses benefit from decreased downtime, more time for internal IT staff to focus on more strategic initiatives, and faster and easier access to new tools and security updates. 

Some managed IT service providers, such as VectorUSA, are also able to deliver both in-person and remote maintenance and device support—all available with just one call no matter the type of device—guaranteed by service-level agreements (SLAs) to be addressed within predefined time windows.

"There is not one individual that can do this by themselves. It is a true partnership we see invested here."

- CIO, Port Terminal, Long Beach CA.

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Chapter 2

What can a managed IT services provider offer?

The technology that your organization uses to support your customers and empower your employees is an extension of your brand.

That is why proactively and comprehensively managing the maintenance, compliance, and upkeep of your enterprise technology is so important. But, without the right internal staff, skills, tools, and resources, juggling the tasks of assessing your current needs, deploying new services, and keeping the digital lights on and secure can quickly overwhelm an in-house team.

Fortunately, with the right partner, not only will they help to meet the needs of your operations today, but they can also help to lay the foundational elements for your future with comprehensive support.

So, what does comprehensive support really mean for your team and, ultimately, your bottom line?

Simply put, the right managed IT service provider can:

  • Deliver end-to-end maintenance, installation, and service support that transfer the complexity of these tasks to the provider’s own experts, no matter the type or scale of your devices and where or when you need them.
  • Offer access to 24/7/365 service desk support, including IT monitoring, issue resolution, maintenance and patches, and experts available to help with advanced initiatives.
  • Provide on-site emergency and incident response to contain, remediate, and limit the operational impact of security events.

"VectorUSA designed and installed a Cisco VSOM Physical Security Solution at eight Green Dot Public Charter Schools in the Los Angeles County area. The objective was to create a safer learning environment with a surveillance system that protected students, staff, faculty, and property."The camera system installed by VectorUSA has really helped out Green Dot a lot, especially me and my supervisor - we have to constantly monitor our cameras.""


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Chapter 3

What level of support can a provider of IT managed services provide?

As the last few years have demonstrated, organizations with the ability to deliver reliable, nimble, and secure IT services to their customers and employees no matter where and when they need them are easily set apart from the pack.

But, as business operations continue to evolve and expand in the digital age, the diversity and complexity of the technologies that power them can quickly become costly and time-intensive, making it difficult for even larger organizations to handle all on their own.

However, these are just a couple of the main reasons why many organizations decide to partner with a provider of managed IT services. Some of the other drivers include:

  • End-to-end monitoring of technology components and their capacity and performance to ensure they are powered, available, and maximizing their potential
  • Proactive device and network configuration management
  • Access to a deep bench of technical expertise and knowledge management resources
  • Support to meet business continuity requirements, including backups of key infrastructure and data
  • On-site guidance for implementations and special initiatives
  • Active engagement to triage and resolve service and security incidents

"Excellent service and fast response time. "

- Efrain Cornejo, THE COLBURN SCHOOL

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Chapter 4

How can a managed IT services provider deliver critical security services?

In a time when phishing and fraud attempts are growing, customer concerns over privacy have never been higher, and ransomware attacks regularly grace the front pages, it is no surprise that IT leaders and cybersecurity professionals have trouble sleeping.

That’s why the security services and support that a managed IT services provider can deliver deserves its own deep dive.

Fortunately, the right managed services provider can offer the peace of mind that your team needs to focus on delivering for their own customers. In other words, they know what it means to provide services that can effectively meet administrative and security goals.

While every relationship with a managed services provider and the portfolio of security services they offer will be unique, some of the core services include:

  • Managed Security Information and Event Management (SIEM): Monitoring your network activity for anomalies by consolidating and analyzing data from across your enterprise devices and users
  • Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR): Delivering cutting-edge security to your organization’s endpoint devices to gain unified visibility, threat detection, and issue remediation
  • Managed Firewall: Transferring the tasks for monitoring, administering, and operating your application and network firewall to a dedicated team of experts
  • Managed Secure SD-WAN: Introducing the security and speed that your organization needs to access core business services and applications no matter where they are geographically located
  • Managed Email Security: Integrating multilayered protection against known and new email security threats combined with advanced issue resolution
  • Professional Services: Helping your organization implement and maintain customized security controls and policies it needs to stay ahead of evolving cyberthreats 
  • Continuous Vulnerability and Risk Management: Developing and implementing the patch management and risk identification and mitigation programs to protect the assets critical to your business
  • Compliance Management: Streamlining the processes to obtain and maintain compliance with the security and regulatory requirements relevant to your operations

"The Port of Long Beach, California is one of the busiest in the world. And business is not slowing down. Matt Hunnicutt of Long Beach Container Terminal (LBCT) knows exactly how big the challenge has become. See how VectorUSA helped build a fully automated container terminal.“There is not one individual that can do this by themselves. It is a true partnership we see invested here.”"


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Chapter 5

How do you find the right managed IT services provider for your business?

Finding a managed IT services provider that has the ability to deliver the right mix of professionalism, customer service, and vision is almost as important as its technical acumen.

This is because the provider of managed IT services you choose to work with will ultimately become an extension of your own internal IT team, acting as a force multiplier and playing a critical role in managing your enterprise technology.

So, what are the qualities that your team should look for when narrowing down your list of potential IT managed services partners?

Here are a few of the questions to ask potential partners to help determine if they can deliver the right level of service to your organization:


Customer-First Mindset

  • How broad (geographically, time of day, and experience) are your support services to meet your customers’ operational needs?
  • How are customer questions and issues tracked, handled, and coordinated?
  • What can customers expect in terms of issue resolution timeline and escalation? What SLAs are typically provided to organizations like ours?


Consultative Approach

  • What is your approach to understanding a customer’s business and technical needs and goals to guide your team toward technology and support that best fit their needs?
  • What existing partnerships does your company have with other technology providers, including networking, hardware, and software providers?
  • What criteria does your organization use to test and recommend new options to your customers?



  • What methods and practices does the provider have in place to identify, test, and deploy new technologies and cloud services faster and easier to customers?
  • How easy is it to scale up or down the type or amount of services provided to meet a customer’s operational needs?


Service Depth

  • What services do you deliver to your customers?
  • How long have you been delivering the services our organization needs to your customers?
  • What certifications, standards, and regulations does your organization adhere to for your technical professionals, products, and services?


Security Focus

  • What security measures and standards are in place to protect your customer’s data and services? How and when are they audited and tested?
  • What are your disaster recovery, failover, and incident response practices?

"When it came time to switch to a new managed service provider and to migrate all data and applications to Microsoft Azure, OmniDuct’s leaders knew they needed to find someone they could trust."They’ve got depth. Just name an area of IT, and you’ll find that their staff has multiple people with expertise in it. Anything I need, they know about it.""VectorUSA's team doesn’t shy away from the tough conversations. That’s what enables us to grow our relationship with them. As we do, our collaboration just gets better and better.”"


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Chapter 6

What sets VectorUSA apart?

Just like there is no other business able to deliver the type and quality of service and product to your customers like yours can, no two managed IT services providers are the same. 

This is especially true for leading managed services providers such as VectorUSA. Whether you are exploring managed services for the first time or you are in the market for a new partner, below are some key details you need to know when comparing a given provider to VectorUSA.

  • Deep and long-standing enterprise partnerships with leading technology brands, easing your access to the latest tools and best practices
  • More than 30 years of broad industry experience, supporting a wide range of companies, government organizations, and educational institutions of all sizes nation-wide
  • A customer-first, vendor-neutral approach that aims to identify the best technology and solution for your needs based on personalized assessments
  • Comprehensive services and support backed by comprehensive end user and help desk support and specific SLAs
  • Access to cutting-edge managed security services designed to stay ahead of tomorrow’s cyberthreats
  • The capacity and flexibility to handle ongoing infrastructure monitoring and special projects supported by dedicated account managers

""VectorUSA's team doesn’t shy away from the tough conversations. That’s what enables us to grow our relationship with them. As we do, our collaboration just gets better and better.""They’ve got depth. Just name an area of IT, and you’ll find that their staff has multiple people with expertise in it. Anything I need, they know about it.""

- Director of Systems and IT, Manufacturer, Los Angeles CA.

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Chapter 7

Partner with VectorUSA today!

Choosing a managed services provider to partner with is no easy task. It can take time to understand the provider’s culture, industry expertise, and depth of experience with the wide variety of technology, software, and hardware that powers your business.


At the same time, this is also a decision that cannot just be based on a price. When you choose a managed IT services partner such as VectorUSA, you are gaining a trusted advisor known for delivering exceptional customer service, delivering value, and providing the vision and tools your business needs.


No matter where your organization is on its technology journey or where you hope the next few years will take your brand’s reach, taking the step to protect your IT investments and tap into the proven experience that an experienced managed services provider such as VectorUSA can deliver will quickly pay dividends.


Ready to learn more about VectorUSA’s full range of managed IT services and how they can deliver for your business? Get started with your own personalized consultation.


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